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The imaginative Pisces New Moon at 5:01 pm EDT sends ripples of excitement through our lives as she joins a shocking conjunction of communicator Mercury and electrical Uranus. Thoughts strike like lightning within our minds to awaken us with new ideas. But even as we try to break free from old patterns, we are reminded that we cannot escape from our feelings. Attachments to the past won’t prevent us from moving ahead but could slow us down.

Monday, Mar 15th, 2010 — If you have been dreaming of going on an exotic vacation to a place far away, don’t let the current opportunity slip by without taking action. It doesn’t matter that you can’t afford the time off or the costs involved. What matters is that you try to do something extraordinary. Imagine your fantasy coming true; making preliminary plans now won’t require a commitment of resources and you can always put the logistics together later on.

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